Bye-bye Barbie. The fashion doll feminists love-to-hate takes a bath
American Apparel isn’t the hero LGBTQ wants, but it’s the one it needs
The bitch is back. Do you really have to be one to get ahead?
Sorry, Germany beats out Canada in global contest
Celebrity Date Gone Viral
Dark Tourism
Paula Deen Eats Crow
Is OMing the female Viagra?
Is Dressing Like the Homeless a Fashion Crime?
Fast Fashion is Landfill
Madonna’s Real Beauty Secret?
Talent Upstaged by Dress Size, Again
Death by Stiletto
Think Big
Ban PSA Campaigns
Vexed by Vitamins
Tipping Point
In Defense of Swearing
A Hard Bargain
Lotto Love
Nerd Alert
Let Them Eat Stock Options
No Currency
Algorithms: Gimmick or Godsend?


ELLE Cover Girls
ELLE Canada Beauty Pages
ELLE Travel

S:Style&FashionMagazine Spring/Summer 2012 Launch Issue
S:Style&Fashion Magazine Spring Jewels 2012
S:Style&Fashion Spring Fashion Special 2012
S:Style&Fashion Tilda Swinton 2012
S:Style&Fashion En Provence 2012



Fabulous Fakes


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